I’d describe myself as an amateur writer at best. I’m starting this blog for no other reason than the shits and giggles of thinking anyone may actually care to hear what I have to say. I write as a big Black transgender woman and you will often hear me speak on such in my writings. It’s a feat to float the lines of being exotic, endangered , erased and still looking forward to enjoying a cold bowl of Butter Pecan on hot summer days. I implore you to partake.


Aspiring to be the bad assed bitch who says whatever I want. I want it always unfiltered and unapologetic. Not trying to win fans or converts, just listeners. I have the tendency to blurt out things and regret what I said. But I realize that actually what was blurted out was at the top ofContinue reading “Wellness”

Off College Ave

Keep pushing baby, keep pushing hard You gon fall real hard and bump your head You gon be dry fucked without a sheet to bite You gon freeze and burn up without a coat You gon contemplate on empty days picking up trash And putting it in your mouth You gon know dirty train seatsContinue reading “Off College Ave”

Happy 100th post

I started this blog on July 16,2021. This was a big leap for me to put my words out in the world. To discuss my trauma, my transition, my sexuality, my views on race and culture, being taboo and just the myriad of ways, things and thoughts that make me so beautifully complicated and whole.Continue reading “Happy 100th post”

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