Black Hipster

Lying down on her thigh side

In the bachelorette pad

Youtube blasting Indie mix oct 22

thinking of nothing and everything.

Sipping a cold brew

the sky a turquoise in the dimmed room

the sun setting and the meal is made

steak, chuck with fat

yellow rice gotta have that

the candle, balsam im talking christmas smell

the indie sets the mood in a ghetto building filled with dummies and fools

Add the shininess, the novel, the bruise in a silent movement

the ex uncool kids, nerds, life burnouts, chronic medicators, dark room meditators

imitators, drag wearers, never fitting in to introverts who meet up in the oddest of places

in bars, on the train at 2 am, the same shade of fucked up on silent city nights waiting

for an uber.,

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