Letting Myself be known

Coming out for trans people is different. I don’t even know if I would describe it as a coming out. More of a coming in. And that coming in part is when you begin your transition. Transition never stops, it isn’t even one thing. It is everything , all the time, in all the ways.Continue reading “Letting Myself be known”

You won’t always feel good

I realize more and more that being good, loving life, smiling at the sun shining and the kids laughing won’t always come how I would like . I find sometimes that I’ll be feeling so good and the threat of something eroding that good feeling, that peace will be lurking just around the corner. AndContinue reading “You won’t always feel good”

Shout out to The Chi

I love The Chi ,Lena Waithe’s showtime show. This show always has the most realistic characters and storylines that center the Black experience and nuances of life in a major metropolis for Black people. I love the wide array of different kinds of characters we get to see from smart, sensitive super teen Kevin, fromContinue reading “Shout out to The Chi”