It’s challenging hell damn near impossible to escape this C shit. As we near like 17 months of this bullshit, I have to applaud humanity’s will to exist and function amongst and within fuckery. Because it is so broad and contentious and emotional a subject I will only speak about one aspect of this whole thing that I find seriously downplayed, ignored and disregarded. The right of the individual.

There is no force like fear to motivate and alarm the public. There is no person more dangerous than a fearful one. There is no emotion more contagious, incessant and consuming than fear. Fear is a rational ,human from caveman type of reaction. It is normal and it makes sense. There is a point though where fear becomes bestial, where fear becomes weaponry and where fear becomes the because of something and the cause of something.

I imagine in the smallest crevices of my little brain that I am the subject of a force that cares if i live or die. But there’s a more immediate part of me that can’t help but acknowledge with a Times Square like glare how much of life has felt like a constant struggle as of late to have rights. And as I write with my biting cynicism and I reflect on an old Black truism,” Nigga , you ain’t got no rights”. What is willed and willed and because the authority has that control, to survive you submit.

I wonder about the other side of this all. I wonder what it means when it’s all been contained, and is no longer the shit that doesn’t keep shitting. When on the other side shit eating grins and smug expressions of triumph reign, what is left after all objection is taken away? How do I rationalize my fear of being forced? How do I assuage the pain of being too chicken shit to go against the grain? Why does it feel sometimes like a do as I say and not question us type of atmosphere?

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