Lovers short story


She looked at the face of Kwame sleeping looking as peaceful as a 40 year old baby. Wrapped up in his big body with hers on the queen size bed. Her lover man. She smiled as the tears began to form, she glanced to her right to the mirror that overlooked their nude bodies. Kwame, peanut brown. She, Erica big a few pounds short of 300. She, her Erica big in legs thighs, butt her stomach was wide but she wasn’t sloppy with it courtesy of her long frame. Kwame shifted in his sleep turning on the sweat and cum soaked sheets. So now his sexy dick nestled in between Erica’s thighs. As if searching for the canal that should be in front. His dick was heavy, it had weight Ike a mini dumbbell  and protruded out coffee colored with a little cream, the head mushroom, the bass large, the sack lay sticky against his legs. Erica loved his dick. She loved the way he ripped inside of her always from day one freely, aggressively, religiously. She loved when he’d rub his brick dick against her much smaller one. The sensations sent ripples through her body and hardened the nipples of her perky breasts. And a smile parted her full lips as she began to touch herself, her breasts, her dick, movements , a motion  to elicit that final spasm of ecstasy. Cum less the white stuff had long disappeared. But a sensation had erupted ,the result of hormones  and the “cumming” felt intense, a extra after, before and without vigorous anal probing. And with a vision of a thick male butt  and long hard dick she came. Kwame woke up then ,his beautiful brown almost hazel eyes. “You got a blunt babe?” He grinned, forever a pothead. Erica coming off her nut and feeling dined good grunted look on the stand. He turned over where already a rolled el lay waiting. He lay on his back ,lit the herb and waited for Erica to put her head on his chest. He felt the familiar tears and tenderness she elicited from the moment. He found himself tripping because he had never loved a tranny sorry transwoman the way he loved her . In fact, she was the only one. Young ,black ,built thick and beautiful. She was smart, spoke properly, knew about current events, she worked but she was also down. Shawty had a survivors story , a spirit, a drive that had not died in the three years since they first started kicking it. “Yo “,he started passing the blunt,” what you thinking about?”. Erica pulled from the blunt and played with her hair “Babe thank you for being here .”” Sometimes I trip because you got a wife but I can’t tell you how hard it is to find a man that I got both body and heart from”. He grinned ,”You good ma. I fucks with you. You a good girl and you satisfy me. Don’t get hung up on bullshit or my wife or none of that. I fucks with you because I want to”. Erica used to the routine and intuitive to Kwame’s responses smiled at his simplicity.

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