Insecurities and Pretty Politics

I am insecure. This is a statement that one is not supposed to admit. It’s a statement that is followed up by inputs from others on why this is an asinine take and why I am supposed to know that I’m the baddest bitch I can be. Whatever I am insecure about, I am toldContinue reading “Insecurities and Pretty Politics”

Bald and Beautiful

I cut my hair on Sunday March 27th. It was something that had came to me to do in spurts over the last two years or so. It would be this wild idea that popped in my head after the frustration of dealing with my myriad of hair issues and the mixed feelings I heldContinue reading “Bald and Beautiful”

About the bathroom

I often feel like the dominance of bathrooms and sports teams in discussing transgender rights is simply to dumb down our movement. There is something so insidious and insulting when the powers that be make our struggles seem so trivial. And this is not to take away the weight of bathrooms or trans athletes. ButContinue reading “About the bathroom”

Memories written 9/24/11

  I miss those missed nights of twisted visions ,enchanted sights,erect phalluses and the sweetest poetry spewed by the lips of a deceitful cupid. I miss the tension the fear, the pain, the grills  That rush of man love helping to temporarily drown my insecurities .I’m beautiful at least part of tha day.  My mind fucked up off the sweet bullshit , my heart flutteringContinue reading “Memories written 9/24/11”