Straightest place on earth

Written sometime in 2011

Straightest place on earth 

A hot,dark dewy night, the air smells of potential, fears and delights. 

So many places one can escape to unviewed, untroubled to relieve the burden 

 Of rock hard dicks, slow tight, grip-able assholes. And yet here is no one there. 

No stares, Wherever them dl boys at they aint here. Whats a bitch gotta do 

To get some pipe in this beautiful, sexy night ,hormones twirling, loins aching, 

Ready to get that back broken I even cleaned out especially for the nameless you. 

Boo where the fuck you at? 

The few fools I do see question, lust try to get at me then say “ I didn’t know you were a man 

They act like they doing me a favor if I suck their dick. I hate this shit. 

From butch queen to Shanay all have walked Stamford’s straight ass wack ass streets desperate for 

 A little bit of that NYC nightlife 

 Where are them boys who like them boys with soft voices and fat asses, 

Pretty mascara eyes and bags. Where are them boys who can make a horny fag bitch 

Satisfied on them dark dangerous nights. 

I ain’t looking to tell or even for sale. 

I just want a night free from the hell of  

Unintentional celibacy. Damn time will tell just want that dick on demand. 

Ain’t nothing wrong with a lil bump and grind is there? 

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