You wasn’t no good for me but I loved you You got the best of me and gave me scraps that seemed monumental Just thinking of things you said and all that you never could Think of how the rarest “I love you’s” never made eye contact Think of how it was always rough whileContinue reading “Dashed”

Insecurities and Pretty Politics

I am insecure. This is a statement that one is not supposed to admit. It’s a statement that is followed up by inputs from others on why this is an asinine take and why I am supposed to know that I’m the baddest bitch I can be. Whatever I am insecure about, I am toldContinue reading “Insecurities and Pretty Politics”

Champagne’s Conflict

Champagne woke up wanting somebody. It had been a minute since she’d had that touch that said,” You’re special,you’re sexy, you’re woman”. Had been a minute since she had even heard the words despite a rather robust sexual life. She assumed the position of easy to please and adjustable for any pose or position. TheContinue reading “Champagne’s Conflict”

The Chat Line 

  “Chicken Noodle Soup, chicken noodle soup, chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side. Let’s get it ,lets get it”, the new single from Harlem rapper DJ Webstar blared from Hot 97. “What girl that fool did what?”, I laughed out loud at my best friend Asia’s story. She was dancing and tellingContinue reading “The Chat Line “

King Kevin and I

I was nervous and over it as I walked to my third period Humanities class. It was the class in which Kevin Booker, the gorgeous high school quarterback ass hole jock and his fellow asshole jocks reigned supreme. I couldn’t understand why they always had to flex, why they always had to fuck with meContinue reading “King Kevin and I”

Temptation or tired trope of “bad” women getting their due

Tyler Perry creations are notorious for their commentary on sexuality and relationships of men and women in the Black community. Familiar anchors of Christian down home wisdom and a “good girls go to heaven” theme dominate his works. His 2013 film Temptation follows the familiar formula down to a tee. The story is told throughContinue reading “Temptation or tired trope of “bad” women getting their due”

Predator Pleasure

I touch that soft weighty part between your thighs as you fantasize about mine And you love all my parts and pieces And hate yourself and hate me for having them You look me up at night on sordid websites where my sisters perform and play with men dates your contemporaries.You seek me out, somehowContinue reading “Predator Pleasure”