Don’t expect too much

Least of all from one person to you. Time and time again you put your belief in someone , you hope that you are to them what they are to you. And it doesn’t take long to realize that is not the case. And interest and investment is fleeting. And all your gifts and all your flaws which were once magnets come back to be used against you. You cry out, you want like hell to appeal, to startle , to touch ,to be held, to get baby cooed and soothed . And in that moment you get harder, you fucking punk, take it , take all of it and never stop. Opening yourself wider, and gape longer and thrusts are stronger taking the wind away, leaving you wordless. You smile with these inedible sensations fed by poison raisins and flexing and hating . They’ve taught you well, made you the most porculent glutton , the pious addict for that magic. It ravishes shiny and blinds white to its dirt, its rust , the hate and the distrust is a must. Necessary ingredients for fools with blues looking for dreams to come true.

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