Where you get that smile Anton?

The one you flash fiercely and fear me

fool me with its’ loveliness

You all majestic and shit

corny true but that’s how it be when i see you

hitting me at the latest hours, always rushed and tensed

you beat my ass how i deserve it. i mean i do but i don’t

slow down ,me wish you don’ rush Jamaican boy you

Ya wicked grins begin as we commence on ,loving and lusting

our people’s ultimate sin. We ain’t right, don’t wanna win

I but a little cherry in your battle ground day

you work all fucking day , all night too it seem

but for the pussy your energy go hard, dexterity on a 10

We rastling and slamming and booming and bamming

and you plow ,plow , plow you cow of a bitch take this bull’s nut

and savor the wicked acid of Anton’s milk

you ain’t slick , me know it’s more than the dick

me see ya games, me no play

Its not like that weakly ya clap back

i return to work beat ya ass another day

What more can me say?

He smiles , she smiles back

She sees and he don’t

She pleased little, forever she want

And she never say no even when I know she could

And he never give up

And that’s understood

Stop putting hopes

in finished pieces

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