You wanna be me

You know what I can’t stand about you?

Your audacity to think you can ever do it like

me, to think you can ever be me

I’ll admit at first it was flattering , maybe even an homage

to the bad asses like me that you n ya ilk look towards

but then it was something in ya make up that turned the bile

i already had boiling when I knew what an awful creature you and yours

are. And i was happy to know often first hand how vile ya’ll is

and i clapped at your nasty demise

See it’s been sanctioned, been written in words indeed the Word

you’re beneath the turds you’d just as readily consume as the birds

You’ve no clue about our birds and bees could never know about this

honey pot i got that spew legends and seeds

you and yours know bout them STD’s and fissures, prolapses and bouts of sugar

in ya tank you stank piece of fake fish

ya verbiage like mine you steal I return to sender

Watch the drug induced demises and the bodies that get thinner

no more eyes to eye my prize like dinner

see cuz you a sinner cud never be a winner

This my thoughts when I see ya confused, foul ass

You’ll lose with ya fag ass

yea that word still apply

no application of fake shit rebranded as real

no matter your dresses or your heels

you still a man and I can never chill

evidence of failures and fucked up lineages

I can’t wait to dance at ya’ll funeral

Jesus is coming

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