This way

It was meant to be this way

The arrogance

The humble

The roars and the rumble

Every tear shed, every insult uttered, every fist that flew

The solitude

The misunderstanding

The chanting and the dancing

to thine own song she be true

Alotta scars and thousands of bruise

Bruise on heart and mind, bruise on sight and sound

bruise on joy and bruise on pain bruise on painbruise on pain

It was meant to be from birth, fighting battles armless,

walking miles with dead feet, with only crazy to eat and delusion juice

was a treat , an indulgence allowed once a week, in those escapes with those heartattacks

always more than white hot eruptions, these were sessions of spent emotions

and that ugly girl thought she was cute

Time take you away to new scenes and you think it’s all left behind

but you seen that before and know the cast too well

and assume your star role in a free for all hell

Days when delusion juice can’t be found

and the truth elusive, abusive

It was meant to be this way

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