The Porsche

Tasha sighed aloud to herself watching the dull but jubilant nightlife of Roosevelt Square. Every time she came out here to work which was going on 6 days a week at 8 months in counting, she thought of how much she stuck out in the heavily Indian and South American neighborhood. It made her position as a lady of the night that much obvious cause Black folks did not live or frequent the area. Being noticed definitely wasn’t her forte but to get them coins she had to be seen and she’d walk up and down Roosevelt Avenue from the sleepiness of Woodside down to the margins of Corona, wherever a buck could be found. A honk from a passing Black Porsche roused her out her thoughts. The window rolled down and revealed the grinning face of a sexy young Black man with medium dreds. To top it off , he dripped with jewels that she could see at least 15 feet from his ride. ” Ayy yo”, he hollered,” cum’ere”. Tasha approached the car as seductively as she could ruminating on how slow of a Tuesday it had been , not even her usual date with Mr. Handjob. “Hey baby”, she leaned in slipping into her hungry hooker mode. “Ride with me “he commanded ,”c’mon its hella hot round here he said referring to the ubiquitous police presence in the area. She got in the car that reeked so well of Armani code cologne and freshly cleaned new car smell. A Dipset song was playing and the two drove down 73rd towards Queens Blvd. “You a tranny or woman”, Mr. Sexy asked. Tasha sighed slightly before answering” I’m trans”, hoping that hadn’t squashed her bag per usual. He still wore the grin that illuminated his chocolate face and said ” Cool, yall give better head anyway”. Tasha eased her tension then and looked forward to giving this obviously paid sexy nigga his money worth. See it’s often posited that whores just do it for the money. But some like Tasha actually enjoyed the random sex with strangers sometimes. She was surprised at the variety of men she found at times willing to dick her down or get head from her. When they looked good or had some money it made the whole thing less sleazy to her. Mr. Sexy found a parking spot on one of those desterted overpass streets that littered Queens. He looked around as Cam’ron stopped degrading women through the speakers and said “aiight ,let’s get in the back”. “Hold up”, Tasha interrupted, “money first”. “How much” , he asked. Ballers like him were good for a hundred for sex fifty for head. A far cry from her usual 20 for sloppy toppy and 40 for some ass. Sexy pulled out a fifty and said ” I’ll stop by the ATM when we finish. “Tasha put the 50 in her purse which didn’t have the usual reek of cash after a prosperous night. Tasha climbed over the cream surface to the back condom and lube in her hand. Sexy got out and entered the car. He pulled out a pretty brown penis with an awesomely thick head. Tasha immediately put that candy in her mouth, intent on doing a good job. She always set out to do good when she could, theorizing a happy customer would return again and again. It definitely didn’t always pan out but when it did ,let’s just say there was no one more loyal than a faithful john. Sexy moaned his eyes closed, his hand reaching under the short plaid skirt and fingering her asshole through her thong. ” Fuck”, he breathed. I want summa this ass.” Tasha kept sucking finding herself hard and aroused and happy he wanted to fuck. He opened his car door and said bend over the seat. Tasha lay her head on the warmed leather car seat and handed Sexy the condom while she bit the little packet of lube and smeared it over her waiting hole. Sexy entered her briskly the kind of entrance that made the hole seize up and made her catch her breath. Taking some big dick was not for pussies, she always mused when she accommodated large meats. Sexy fucked her as the night air hit her ass cheeks. He pounded as if they were in a hotel room or in a deserted forest somewhere utterly oblivious to two black bodies in motion on the quiet street. He pounded for about 3 more minutes cumming and ejecting in one swift motion from Tasha’s wet ass. Tasha was bent over feeling so good and hoping that this signified a turn in luck for what had been a slow night. Sexy got in the SUV and said” come around the car.” Tasha slammed the rear door and in an instant realized she’d fucked up . The grin on Sexy’s face returned and he turned on his gas about to peel off. Tasha caught the car door handle as the car sped down the block dragging her. Her upper thigh and buttock scraped against the road and she was unable to hold on to the vehicle. She screamed wildly as the Black Porsche sped into the night with her jacket and her purse which contained all her essentials including her id, her keys and her phone. Almost immediately she thought of her burgeoning relationship with Hakeem and what he would think if he couldn’t reach her. She thought of being short this week on rent with Kevin and hoping he was home to let her in the apartment. She ignored the burning, scraped flesh on her side and walked back to Roosevelt Avenue

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