Off College Ave

Keep pushing baby, keep pushing hard You gon fall real hard and bump your head You gon be dry fucked without a sheet to bite You gon freeze and burn up without a coat You gon contemplate on empty days picking up trash And putting it in your mouth You gon know dirty train seatsContinue reading “Off College Ave”

The Porsche

Tasha sighed aloud to herself watching the dull but jubilant nightlife of Roosevelt Square. Every time she came out here to work which was going on 6 days a week at 8 months in counting, she thought of how much she stuck out in the heavily Indian and South American neighborhood. It made her positionContinue reading “The Porsche”

Travel as A Black Transwoman

Without a doubt,one of the joys I find in my life and living is travel. There is something about leaving the immediate vicinity of my home base that fills me with this giddiness. It’s like knowing I’m bouta embark on something so new and so risky yet so rewarding. As a child,I was an avidContinue reading “Travel as A Black Transwoman”