Predator Pleasure

I touch that soft weighty part between your thighs as you fantasize about mine

And you love all my parts and pieces And hate yourself and hate me for having them

You look me up at night on sordid websites where my sisters perform and play with men

dates your contemporaries.You seek me out, somehow bored with cis Pussy

you seek out taboo. It thrills you as much as it elicits incessant anxiety

your special treat. Eventually we meet

In the flesh, my power is more potent as you suck up my potion, inject me with poison

of more shame filled heterosexism, more shame filled rhetoric and hypocrisy

I cease to exist

A hole a mouth, some tits I starved of tender, dying for pleasure in all weathers

You could use me, abuse me, hit me kiss me long as I got some attention

Over time that allure wear off I become more and more real

You break my heart all the time we play the game

we never tell our truths

We lay in beds of lies held up by frames of concealment

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