It’s a really weird time to be alive in this world. Everything holds a weight, a meaning , a price tag not equated with money. Currency as more than, as capabilities, as options, as opt-outs. Imagine in 5,10 or 20 years when those movies and tv shows come out about this time, we’ll all imagine like the fiction we’ll watch, why didn’t we do more? We’ll through the heartbreak, triumph and lessons of our heroes or heroines find value and lessons in loss beyond measure. It’s all so stale now. It has exhausted the reserves of fucks to give and new variables to tee in to incessant anxiety. Its been overate, over drank, over smoked, over fucked , over traveled and over thought. It has consumed and resumed and paused but not really and it continues to use and abuse any shred or sense of self as an individual organism of nothing. It’s scattery and meaningless, the language being incomprehensible and deliberately moronic and stifling and double talking and shaming and pervading and infecting and dissecting the whole bloodlust lot of it all. I call and order a tall order of bullshit soda and fear fuck me salad.

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