Nothing makes sense and I don’t trust you fuckers

You hear that? That buzzing , that incessant ass itching buzzing of detritus entrenched play lines. Repeat it, repeat it, repeat it, sleep it, eat it, feed it, make it bigger than it was bug em out and keep em strapped with virtuous measures, all signs of a trap. I’m not mad but so fucking pissed. Put me in the corner, scarlet -ed up and dissed my poor ass feelings, my gluttonous feedings, make me more apathetic and accepting than I am, this hysteria, the newest sin, nobody winning, it’s always been lost. I am divorced from any union with you that will ever make me think my tears will elicit nothing but ya laughter, you prick, you dirty fucking bastard. You discriminate and lie, you kill and die but continue to multiply, wring me out leave me dry and dye my red black and get them irises geared to attack cause you hurt me with a vengeance and you fuck them up too, you wizard, the god , a fool. Powerful and pussified, the sheep awake with closed eyes , sleeping peacefully , ready for more

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