About the bathroom

I often feel like the dominance of bathrooms and sports teams in discussing transgender rights is simply to dumb down our movement. There is something so insidious and insulting when the powers that be make our struggles seem so trivial. And this is not to take away the weight of bathrooms or trans athletes. But at the heart of it is America exercising its’ edict to oppress people. To uphold arbitrary forms of second and third class citizenship while simultaneously representing itself as for the people. It is hypocrisy and a falsehood. It is double talk and it is wrong. Trans people need more than access to bathrooms that align with our identity and inclusion in athletics. Trans people need to be respected as much as any other protected class in this country. It does not bode well for America’s image as leader of the free world to so liberally uphold conservative tenets, to end up with statistics for trans people that rival those in lesser developed nations. That is what happens when you shut people out and deny them their right to exist . To enact laws to de-humanize people. What is always so interesting to me and that which I see over and over again is these usually old Scotts in power who fall. And they fall hard with this scandal or that one. And yet they obtained their power and positions by bellowing calls of conservative Christian values. They have positioned themselves as Ivory towers of righteousness and the rightful authority on everyone. And they turn out to be the dirtiest assholes while oppressing marginalized people to maintain power. Absolutely amazing the way this machine works. Trans people want warm homes. Trans people want to be safe. Trans people want to go to boring jobs. We want to take vacations. We want to start families. We want Saturday night dinners and Christmas get togethers with loved ones. We want to know our dentist by name and we want to be able to send them a thank you card. And yeah some of us want to play sports. And we all want to fucking piss. So like get a grip, ole righteous spiteful ones wagging your hypocritical garbage as self hate for your failure to own your own savagery.

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