Shout out to The Chi

I love The Chi ,Lena Waithe’s showtime show. This show always has the most realistic characters and storylines that center the Black experience and nuances of life in a major metropolis for Black people. I love the wide array of different kinds of characters we get to see from smart, sensitive super teen Kevin, fromContinue reading “Shout out to The Chi”

Bald and Beautiful

I cut my hair on Sunday March 27th. It was something that had came to me to do in spurts over the last two years or so. It would be this wild idea that popped in my head after the frustration of dealing with my myriad of hair issues and the mixed feelings I heldContinue reading “Bald and Beautiful”

“Inventing Anna” and white girl privilege

Like many ,I recently sat through hours of Netflix special Inventing Anna. I found myself laughing , shaking my head and absolutely incredulous at all the poor bastards on screen. But somewhere in the middle of the series, I found myself disgusted by the reporter Vivian looking for a redemption arc with Anna, how sheContinue reading ““Inventing Anna” and white girl privilege”

About the bathroom

I often feel like the dominance of bathrooms and sports teams in discussing transgender rights is simply to dumb down our movement. There is something so insidious and insulting when the powers that be make our struggles seem so trivial. And this is not to take away the weight of bathrooms or trans athletes. ButContinue reading “About the bathroom”

Temptation or tired trope of “bad” women getting their due

Tyler Perry creations are notorious for their commentary on sexuality and relationships of men and women in the Black community. Familiar anchors of Christian down home wisdom and a “good girls go to heaven” theme dominate his works. His 2013 film Temptation follows the familiar formula down to a tee. The story is told throughContinue reading “Temptation or tired trope of “bad” women getting their due”

Only white people get to be antiheroes

I just finished the latest season of You and I couldn’t help but wonder would the protagonist Joe have as much fortune if he was any other race but white. And of course I know without question even in fiction , only a white man can be a villain and hero at the same timeContinue reading “Only white people get to be antiheroes”