The young brown skinned thing was a queer sight walking up and down West 10th street. The cold winds wafting off the Hudson chilled her neck. She hoisted up her skirt and flashed her brown glory hole to passing cars with willing johns. At this time of night , most of the johns were old white guys from Jersey looking for forbidden fruit nestled in brown and black bodies. The young girl was strikingly beautiful with a baby face caked with makeup to add years to her age. She had long black hair, fierce peanut brown eyes framed by the longest lashes. Her body wasn’t all that developed but she had that look that suggested in a few years she’d be a brick. 

One particular black BMW pulled up to honey who was sitting now in a deserted bus stop. Oblivious or perhaps hardened to the cold she bent her ass over into the face of the driver. He smiled and grinned. Young bitches in New York were easy. He was a country bumpkin from N.C. with a little money in the ban and a penchant for young gals. It was making up for his own little dick women his own age ridiculed him for. “Say shawty” he drawled, “what’s ya name?’’ The young girl laughed, cleared her throat and answered Nay Nay. “Come on honey” she peered out at the dark Village streets. “Aiight girl ,I’m Ralph. “

They drove for a while listening to 2pac.Nay Nay in her own thoughts thinking he was sort of cute. But the worst about black johns was that they had the tendency to have a big dick loosening her grip or trying to beat her outta her money. Ralph kept checking the pretty girl out unable to figure out what was up. Something just wasn’t fitting. Nay Nay glanced at the clock on the dashboard now reading 2:02 a.m. Ralph asked, “How old are you?” Nay Nay paused because she had forgotten to ask the cop check questions but the smell of weed in the car reassured her. “I’m 15” ,she answered truthfully. Ralph cocked his head back and laughed. “Yeah Ima have a whole bunch of fun”. Nay Nay just rolled her eyes thinking of the money she’d make. It cost $100 to go to a hotel plus outta borough was another hundred dollars extra. They drove for the next half hour in complete silence finally reaching a roach motel on the Bronx-Mount Vernon border. Ralph guided her to the second floor and pushed his key in the door. The smell of weed, cheap soap and over bleached sheets greeted them. Ralph wasted no time finding his el laced with coke and dust. 

It would get him high as cloud nine and his dick as hard a priests’ in a room full of boys. Nay Nay peeped a Louis Vuitton suitcase under the bed and some watches and rings that could fit Mr. T thrown haphazardly around the room. She was still standing because it was her nature to let the man make the first move. Ralph smoked his lah checking out his brown vixen. “Gal c’mere and lay some mouth love on me.” Nay Nay walked across the thin red carpet and got on her knees. Ralph’s jeans and boxers were already on the floor. Nay Nay was able to deep throat Ralph’s 5 inches easily. She made slurping, choking sounds that men liked. Ralph’s eyes were going to the back of his head as if he was retarded. “Yeah suck dat shit baby girl”. As he placed his hands on Nay Nay’s bobbing head she began to get angry. He smelled like Otis, Nay Nay’s first also one of her mother’s boyfriends. Otis was 34 and Nay Nay just five when he decided she was old enough to take some dick. Ralph’s rough hands on Nay Nay’s ass took her out of her trance. Ralph felt the baby soft skin and removed her tight jean skirt and white panties. He was feeling for her nice tight clit when he felt the rough solid exterior of two growing testicles. “What the fuck,” he yelled.” You sick psycho faggot little bitch”. Nay Nay woke out of her trance not even realizing Ralph was screaming at her. She’d been too busy reminiscing about Otis, being a sweet little girl the way he liked and making money on the hoe stroll for crack headed ass Aunt Cookie. Ralph stood up little dick still hard, eyes blazing red. He smacked the shit outta Nay Nay. “You nasty little freak.” He grabbed her by her hair pulling it so hard he was ripping it out her roots. “Oww stop,” Nay Nay yelled, “please let me go. I’m sorry. “With that sorry Nay Nay took a punch to the gut. Smack, boom, faggot, nasty bitch. Slap boom. All of this as Ralph forgot he was beating on a defenseless fifteen year-old 130lb boy. When his hand caught on Nay Nay’s tooth he was satisfied and dropped her to the floor. He huffed, “stupid faggot bitch. I ain’t no fucking homo” he spat at Nay Nay who looked up at him with the utter hatred and disgust of every gay man ever abused or attacked. Nay Nay got up no longer pretty with her face bruised and purple, hair half ripped out bleeding from the edges. When Nay Nay went to the bathroom and saw her face she blacked out. 

Meanwhile in the bedroom………. 

Ralph continued to muse about what just happened. Pedophile he was, fag he wasn’t. He felt bad about roughing the pretty little boy up but maybe that’s what he needed, a man to beat the sissy out him. He laughed when he thought of this. The coke and dust was messing with his mind. Nay Nay walked out the bathroom holding a steak knife. She stopped in front of Ralph who looked at the disheveled drag queen laughing. “Sissy put dat knife down for I shove it down ya throat. Pussy ass, shit eating dick suckin”-was all Ralph got out before the knife jutted across his larynx. Nay Nay backed up watching Ralph stutter and sputter up blood trying to get his words out. Nay Nay now had tears streaming down her face.   Otis had finally gotten his due. Nay Nay looked under the bed and grabbed the suitcase. Just as she thought it was full of money. She wasn’t stupid though grabbing up all the jewelry, cash in Ralph’s pocket and anything else he liked. Her final duty was taking the knife out of Ralph’s throat and wiping down the doorknobs. Ralph had ceased struggling and charged it to the game. His final moments on earth were spent watching a pretty young boy rob him of his all.  

Nay Nay backed outta the room and booked it up the street in her Jordan’s which were peeling from over wear, jumping outta cars, running from police. She chucked the knife in a sewer drain before hopping the 2 trains downtown to Chelsea Projects where she lived. Nay Nay walked to the back of the empty train platform. At night NYC with its millions of lights shone beautiful, magnificent, proud. So many people, so many stories. As usual the train was empty. Nay Nay had no knowledge of time. She knew Cookie would be mad but she’d have to get over it especially once she saw all the money. As more people got on the train ,Nay Nay got a little self-conscious. She was usually gorgeous. Few people male or female, straight or gay could tell she wasn’t a real girl. The way Ralph worked her over she looked like he’d gone ten rounds with Sugar Shane.  But the people on the train paid her no mind. In NY no one gave a fuck or a second look especially at this time of the morning when only workingmen, crackheads, freaks or night people like Nay Nay were on. It had started to snow as the train descended to 149th and 3rd avenue. Nay Nay slowly drifted off to sleep almost missing her stop at 23rd street. 

Walking up the block slowly to see if her evil, light skinned, red-haired, fat ass aunt was outside. But Chelsea Houses were empty. The snow felt cool on her scalp. When Nay Nay felt that he knew it was bad, her hair was her pride and joy. Getting in the building’s piss stenched elevator Nay Nay’s heart beat a mile a minute. She crept down the hall and knocked on herdoor. Aunt Cookie stood there in a thin flannel nightgown no bra on ,nipples hard and all. Cookie used to be a dime before she let the world take over her. She and Nay Nay’s mother Sonya were top-notch whores at a madam house till it got raided. Now woken up at 5 in the morning she looked like a raging bull especially seeing Nay Nay all bruised up. “ How in the hell would she go on the stroll later,” Cookie selfishly thought. Nay Nay had brushed past Cookie and gone to her room with the suitcase. 

“Where ya simple ass been? You know 3:30 is ya cutoff time. What the fuck is wrong with you? And you all busted up?” Cookie asked 

“Aww leave me alone”, Nay Nay yelled as she attempted to disrobe. 

“What bitch?!” Cookie looked crazed. The dime of coke she sniffed before bed was showing its side effects. Cookie ran at Nay Nay who looked unfazed. But instead of crying or cowering like usual Nay Nay stood firm. Cookie threw an uppercut that Nay Nay ducked. She tried to reach down and grab Nay who was 100 lbs. smaller. Nay Nay kicked her in her mouth stunning Cookie who couldn’t rebound. Two hits to the dome by a paperweight knocked Cookie the fuck out.” Oh shit” Nay Nay said out loud,” I ain’t mean to kill her.” But a few seconds later she heard light snores erupting from the obese body. Still in a trance Nay Nay hobbled off to the bathroom. To be such a dirty bitch, Cookie kept a spotless house. The irony wasn’t lost on Nay Nay when she stepped in the shower full blast. The hot water was like an elixir reawakening the 15 year old who’d seen and done so much. Life was always so hard. Nay Nay was short for Naymond, the only pimp Sonya had ever loved. From now on, Nay Nay and Naymond were both dead. Freedom would be her new name. Freedom reached for the scissors sitting on the sink and started to chop off her remaining pretty black hair. Chop, Chop as the stank hair fell to the floor. Freedom cried harder. She kept cutting until nothing else would go. 

Freedom got dressed in a pair of skintight jeans she lifted from the G.A.P., a dark purple sweater and Cookie’s black snow boots. Finally she dabbed on a good amount of cover up and lip-gloss. She looked real nice she thought. Freedom got the Louis duffel she took from Ralph counted out about $8,000 in various denominations not counting the 3 g’s Ralph had on his person and his jewels. Freedom got a few papers she’d need and bounced closing the door lightly. A few inches of snow had fallen. In the dark purple morning Freedom walked up 8th avenue towards Penn Station. She didn’t know where she was going. A blue Impala pulled up beside her as she walked. The driver side rolled down a young darkskin man hollered, “Yo shawty get in. You wifey status. Get ya sexy ass in.” Freedom peered in and was like fuck it. She had money, a .38 she took from Cookie and a newfound sense of freedom. Furthermore the driver was cute and had wheels. “Aiight cowboy where we going?” she asked as he got in. “Chicago, shawty rock” he answered. The sounds of Bonnie and Clyde 03 by Jay –Z sprinkled the air as the pair pulled off in the early New York morning, 

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