Off College Ave

Keep pushing baby, keep pushing hard

You gon fall real hard and bump your head

You gon be dry fucked without a sheet to bite

You gon freeze and burn up without a coat

You gon contemplate on empty days picking up trash

And putting it in your mouth

You gon know dirty train seats and bed bug cots

You gon know turning tricks and catching licks

going thru wallets and dressers and running from the law

You gon know welfare case workers, assessments and recerts

Long ass lines, not seen all day, a fight will break out and the stank

staleness of the poor air will not be smelt

The phone gon stop, laptop will be no more, there will be no doors to knock on anymore

Paddling without an arm. Ducking punches and running from shots

Following crazies and getting bent and wavy

All shitty and gravy

It’s a stagnant culture and the language is always changing

The cast is older, graying, multiplying and straying

Remembering water bugs and apartments in damp basements

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