Happy 100th post

I started this blog on July 16,2021. This was a big leap for me to put my words out in the world. To discuss my trauma, my transition, my sexuality, my views on race and culture, being taboo and just the myriad of ways, things and thoughts that make me so beautifully complicated and whole. I appreciate using this platform for practice and for actually getting off my chest so many things that I am often unable to discuss in real life.

Any writer knows how tough it is to really feel enough and be brave enough to share. Every writer knows about the struggle to say what you mean and mean what you say. Writing forces you to excrete the muck in your brain. To construct your inner thoughts, ramblings ,statements and make it make sense for other people. But I’ve recently felt that maybe it’s not always supposed to make sense for others. That whatever you say, is said for a reason. And that reason alone just may be to get it off your chest.

I come from people who were silenced for much of our history and in many ways , we still are. Our lives, beliefs and stories were interpreted and made palatable by and for others to dissect and – re assemble. Being a Black transwoman in America, I owe it to all those before me and all those being born , to speak my truths, to fashion my fantasies and challenge the world. You will hear me and you will respect what I said because I said it.

I hope to write 1000 more posts if I get the chance and continue to grow ,nourish and heal through telling my tales. I wish well for all my readers.

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