A Reality

I periodically read about the murders of transgender women. These transwomen are usually, black, young and so often their crimes go unsolved. It probably sounds incredibly morbid and it is on some levels. But it’s also for me a way to stay attuned with the realities that face my community. I don’t know about otherContinue reading “A Reality”

On Uncle Clifford and Lil’Murda

STAR network’s P-Valley has a forever fan. From being a Black show, for being a queer show, for being for women, for being set in the dirty South and for being so damn sexy and funny. It was truly a pleasure watching that first season. I wouldn’t think a show that off surface would beContinue reading “On Uncle Clifford and Lil’Murda”

American Inheritance

Born in this land tis of thee, one is saturated from inception with values of material and accomplishment. Endowed with this edict to conquer, to fatten, to better one’s self. It is the propaganda that informs this country as the place all want to come to, the land where anything and everything is possible. AContinue reading “American Inheritance”