Fried Chicken Lover

Fried chicken feels like home Fried hard and crispy, a mess and twisty , the seasonings burst in my mouth as the crunch massages my ear. My teeth come down and meet the sweetest cooked flesh of that blessed chicken And Im grinning and Im winning and Im finning and im sinning , my gluttonyContinue reading “Fried Chicken Lover”

Shout out to The Chi

I love The Chi ,Lena Waithe’s showtime show. This show always has the most realistic characters and storylines that center the Black experience and nuances of life in a major metropolis for Black people. I love the wide array of different kinds of characters we get to see from smart, sensitive super teen Kevin, fromContinue reading “Shout out to The Chi”

Bald and Beautiful

I cut my hair on Sunday March 27th. It was something that had came to me to do in spurts over the last two years or so. It would be this wild idea that popped in my head after the frustration of dealing with my myriad of hair issues and the mixed feelings I heldContinue reading “Bald and Beautiful”

The Chat Line 

  “Chicken Noodle Soup, chicken noodle soup, chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side. Let’s get it ,lets get it”, the new single from Harlem rapper DJ Webstar blared from Hot 97. “What girl that fool did what?”, I laughed out loud at my best friend Asia’s story. She was dancing and tellingContinue reading “The Chat Line “

Black Silence At Work

It is without question that working is different for Blacks than it is for everyone else. We go in to workplaces cognizant of unfair playing grounds and having to conform to a culture that swallows you whole. Being Black at work means knowing you’re the last one to be hired and the first one toContinue reading “Black Silence At Work”

American Inheritance

Born in this land tis of thee, one is saturated from inception with values of material and accomplishment. Endowed with this edict to conquer, to fatten, to better one’s self. It is the propaganda that informs this country as the place all want to come to, the land where anything and everything is possible. AContinue reading “American Inheritance”