Queenie : Black British woman gone mad

Queenie by Candice Carty Williams is a riot of a read. It is at once humorous and sad as fuck in many ways. I’d wanted to read it for so long. It’s the first book I read that spoke in the voice of a Black woman from England. I found there to be so manyContinue reading “Queenie : Black British woman gone mad”

The Farming Of Bones, a review

The Farming of the Bones by Edwidge Danticat broke my heart as a read.Haiti and Haitian culture has always fascinated me. I have also had at times extensive interest in the DR as well. The book is told through the view of a young Haitian woman living in the Domincan Republic during the 1937 ParsleyContinue reading “The Farming Of Bones, a review”

B-Boy Blues: Banjee love in the 90s

There are very few books or authors that have ever addressed love between two Black men. But of the few that do exist , none stand out more than the B-Boy Blues series written by James Earl Hardy. It follows the romance of Mitchell “Little Bit ” and Raheim ” Pooquie” and takes place overContinue reading “B-Boy Blues: Banjee love in the 90s”

Mama Black Widow

One of my favorite books is a sordid drama not for those interested in feel good themes. Mama Black Widow by Iceberg Slim (1969)is the tale of drag queen Otis Tilson and his family’s struggles in Mississippi and Chicago over the span of 40 years or so. The book at surface reads as a badContinue reading “Mama Black Widow”