Shout out to The Chi

I love The Chi ,Lena Waithe’s showtime show. This show always has the most realistic characters and storylines that center the Black experience and nuances of life in a major metropolis for Black people. I love the wide array of different kinds of characters we get to see from smart, sensitive super teen Kevin, from try hard but still fuck up, lover of many girls Emmett, the beauty and complexity of Ms. Keisha and all the rest of these characters are mad dope. I haven’t yet traveled to Chicago but I can’t help but feel like the show just exudes a Chicago spirit; gritty, cold yet soulful and esoteric. I love that Waithe and her team doesn’t shy away from the ugliness, doesn’t hide the contradictions and yet always keeps a spin that promotes a Black positivity that isn’t corny. Like everybody doesn’t have to be like Cosby’s family to be wholesome. I love that, as of writing the Chi is sticking with an all Black cast which is so refreshing, so 90’s even. Nowadays too many shows that are about Black people seem to always have others randomly put in the story line that doesn’t add to the show at all. It starts to lose or neglect its’ base, its’ message, the optics are diluted to appease others’ gaze, to explain things that typically don’t need being explained to its’ core audience.

And I must finally give a notable mention to the inclusion these last two seasons of Black transwomen. OMG. Like there have been so, so, so few depictions of us anywhere least of all as whole, fleshed out characters and to have a storyline that centers a relationship with a Black man from the hood. Thank you Lena Waithe and team for this. The reality is that we do exist and we do have love and I daresay many of us even have presences in our communities like the two transwomen in the show have. So thanks to them for showing all that and then some.

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