Fried Chicken Lover

Fried chicken feels like home

Fried hard and crispy,

a mess and twisty , the seasonings burst in my mouth

as the crunch massages my ear. My teeth come down and meet

the sweetest cooked flesh of that blessed chicken

And Im grinning and Im winning

and Im finning and im sinning , my gluttony holds no limit

for my fried chicken

Chicken take me back to coming in from down the block,

take me back to dirty hood streets full of love , with people wearing

gloves ready to knuckle up and hug and laugh and cut ass

Chicken take me back to Church and Jesus and sweet perfumes and choirs

giving the devil hell with their skills of praise

Chicken take me back to the days before Harlem was invaded, when 125th had bootleg cd’s, when taste of seafood line stretched the whole block

Chicken take me back to cold Kool-aid and freezing pepsi

between white bread doused with hot sauce and ketchup,

next to some macaroni and cheese burned edges and collard greens

and hot grease popping and delicious aroma wafting

Fried chicken take me home and never leave

Fuck ya haters and ya sugar and ya whole foods

fuck ya jokes and i hope you choke on your kale

for giving me hell about my little deliciousness

in your fight to keep upheld this fairytale land of

milk and honey

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