Worth it as a woman? Pretty and pained Talent and tainted delusion or destiny Emotional process, it’ll take many more years and tears and fears till it all gets right Was it done the wrong time? Was it inevitable? Pain my heart, afflicted every day,hour good enough, real enough, sure enough I kept on myContinue reading “Changes”

Ugly beautiful things I see you shining baby glistening  Intensely decadent u kno my name My face you sense my scent and pull me Profusely regret less ugly beautiful things I can’t resist my lips they twitch My eyes glaze I hover as I’m grazed And I pay taxes with no return  Anyway Ugly beautifulContinue reading

Hurt me Hit me  Hurt me Hit me HIGH TO COME DOWN TO earth come back down Erratic,pulsing HATEFUL VERMIN Worship ugly beauty filled demons.  Pose struck for a reason  Steady sexy camera teasing My shit stinks A combination of weed and fast food Liquor,sodas packed with sugar Candy,fruits shameless dietary habits of youth PassingContinue reading

Oakland, a rebuttal

Oakland is a whole feeling. This is what I thought when my Bart train emerged from the other side and showed me the first sights of what used to be a mythical creature. It differs profoundly from San Francisco which is strange for a New Yorker like me. Like Manhattan, Bronx and Brooklyn are allContinue reading “Oakland, a rebuttal”