Just cause

Just cause it’s not rated don’t mean it aint good Just cause its uncharted dont mean it’s wothout reward Just cause they don’t like you don’t mean you aint shit See its flying over the cerebral regal one, he say shit like that to me Playing heart attacks and seducing strokes of gratuitous misfortune IContinue reading “Just cause”

Nothing makes sense and I don’t trust you fuckers

You hear that? That buzzing , that incessant ass itching buzzing of detritus entrenched play lines. Repeat it, repeat it, repeat it, sleep it, eat it, feed it, make it bigger than it was bug em out and keep em strapped with virtuous measures, all signs of a trap. I’m not mad but so fuckingContinue reading “Nothing makes sense and I don’t trust you fuckers”

The Teacher

Graphically sexual fyi It’s amazing how life can change in an instant. What person or persons you could meet who will have such a profound effect on you ?Who will question all that you thought you knew. I’m David Walsh ,35 successful author and English professor at Columbia. I’m sexy, single ,no kids and haveContinue reading “The Teacher”