The Porsche

Tasha sighed aloud to herself watching the dull but jubilant nightlife of Roosevelt Square. Every time she came out here to work which was going on 6 days a week at 8 months in counting, she thought of how much she stuck out in the heavily Indian and South American neighborhood. It made her positionContinue reading “The Porsche”

Straightest place on earth

Written sometime in 2011 Straightest place on earth  A hot,dark dewy night, the air smells of potential, fears and delights.  So many places one can escape to unviewed, untroubled to relieve the burden   Of rock hard dicks, slow tight, grip-able assholes. And yet here is no one there.  No stares, Wherever them dl boys at they aint here. Whats a bitch gotta do  To get some pipeContinue reading “Straightest place on earth”

Lovers short story

Lovers She looked at the face of Kwame sleeping looking as peaceful as a 40 year old baby. Wrapped up in his big body with hers on the queen size bed. Her lover man. She smiled as the tears began to form, she glanced to her right to the mirror that overlooked their nude bodies.Continue reading “Lovers short story”