Worth it as a woman? Pretty and pained Talent and tainted delusion or destiny Emotional process, it’ll take many more years and tears and fears till it all gets right Was it done the wrong time? Was it inevitable? Pain my heart, afflicted every day,hour good enough, real enough, sure enough I kept on myContinue reading “Changes”

Predator Pleasure

I touch that soft weighty part between your thighs as you fantasize about mine And you love all my parts and pieces And hate yourself and hate me for having them You look me up at night on sordid websites where my sisters perform and play with men dates your contemporaries.You seek me out, somehowContinue reading “Predator Pleasure”

Hurt me Hit me  Hurt me Hit me HIGH TO COME DOWN TO earth come back down Erratic,pulsing HATEFUL VERMIN Worship ugly beauty filled demons.  Pose struck for a reason  Steady sexy camera teasing My shit stinks A combination of weed and fast food Liquor,sodas packed with sugar Candy,fruits shameless dietary habits of youth PassingContinue reading

Memories written 9/24/11

  I miss those missed nights of twisted visions ,enchanted sights,erect phalluses and the sweetest poetry spewed by the lips of a deceitful cupid. I miss the tension the fear, the pain, the grills  That rush of man love helping to temporarily drown my insecurities .I’m beautiful at least part of tha day.  My mind fucked up off the sweet bullshit , my heart flutteringContinue reading “Memories written 9/24/11”


How had it gotten here? Terrance thought to himself in the passenger seat of the Impala. The dark streets of Harlem were eerily empty and the pinkness of the night sky foreshadowed the snow storm coming. The man driving had got him here. He’d been too much. Ugh this fucking bullshit, Lock said out loudContinue reading “Inheritance”