King Kevin and I

I was nervous and over it as I walked to my third period Humanities class. It was the class in which Kevin Booker, the gorgeous high school quarterback ass hole jock and his fellow asshole jocks reigned supreme. I couldn’t understand why they always had to flex, why they always had to fuck with meContinue reading “King Kevin and I”

The Journals

They haunted Yvette. Day and night like white headed pimples or hard scratchy coughs, confident you could get over it but never sure the outcome. They haunted Yvette for their heaviness, for the sheer volume, for the living memorials of someone dead. They haunted Yvette because she was sure they were brimming with untold horrors,Continue reading “The Journals”

“Inventing Anna” and white girl privilege

Like many ,I recently sat through hours of Netflix special Inventing Anna. I found myself laughing , shaking my head and absolutely incredulous at all the poor bastards on screen. But somewhere in the middle of the series, I found myself disgusted by the reporter Vivian looking for a redemption arc with Anna, how sheContinue reading ““Inventing Anna” and white girl privilege”

Thoughts on Hunger by Roxane Gay

Hunger by Roxane Gay was the sort of book that I read where I can’t say I loved it or hated it. This sounds odd being the memoir of someone else’s life, their truth, their trauma and their triumphs. I was impressed with the way she wrote so simply, there was no fancy language orContinue reading “Thoughts on Hunger by Roxane Gay”